The inaugural meeting of the Diners’ Club of Halifax, Nova Scotia was held at the Armview Restaurant on May 8th, 2007. What began as a humble GIS mapping experiment has become a weekly outing. Each Tuesday a group of intrepid students search for the best of the old diners of Halifax.



  1. You have to add ‘Robie Foods’ (on…Robie Street) to your list. It may technically not be a diner, but have heard much about it and seen it, definitely old fashioned Halifax Classic. Here’s the kicker, apparently it serves Chinese food – I have heard 2 very intelligent people say it is actually good.

  2. Robie Food has been added to the list 🙂

  3. it is essential that you folks make the trek across the pond to the mic mac bar and grill (more commonly known as the mic mac tavern) in dartmouth. it is, quite hoenstly, the BEST spot in nova scotia. perhaps not *technically* a diner.. but it’s not not a diner, either. WELL worth any effort of getting there!

  4. Hi Andrea,
    Just yesterday I visited the Mic Mac Bar and Grill, and I agree it was fantastic. I found it had more of a dining hall atmosphere than a diner, but nonetheless it is my new favourite Darmouth destination. I got fish and chips for 5.99 and it was delish. Although it is not not a diner we decided not to include it on our map for now. We do wonder if they will cater the next SIM event! Ha!

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