Posted by: dinertuesdays | June 20, 2008

Victoria, BC – June 19, 2008

What happened to Diner Tuesdays? Life in Halifax got very VERY busy. Between finishing university courses, looking for work, cleaning, packing and moving clear across this country our last three diners slipped through the cracks. This is a sin! We need completion! I cannot make any promises, but I will to try to convince one of the Diner Tuesdays correspondents to write up Cousins, Jimmy’s Homestead and the Montreal Grill.

The last couple of months have been a wonderful adventure (although some days I do miss Halifax). One thing that I will share with you is that on my trans-Canada journey I ate in a lot of truly fantastic diners. Canadians should be really proud that one can find a good, hearty and economical all-day breakfast almost anywhere in this country.

More reviews to come soon (I hope)…Thank you for your patience.



  1. Just found your site. Keep on diner’ng!

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