Posted by: dinertuesdays | March 31, 2008

The Esquire

The Esquire – March 30th, 2008

Perched on the edge of the Bedford Highway between expanses of apartment buildings and new housing developments the Esquire is a glimpse back in time. The Esquire is an extremely popular spot on a Sunday night. When we arrived at 6pm the restaurant was almost full to capacity with happy customers. There are comfy booths along one wall (all full when we arrived) so we took one of the more central tables. The decor is quintessential old-fashioned Nova Scotia – pictures of schooners, lighthouses, lobsters, sailors in sou’westers and place mats emblazoned with a map of the province.

We quickly spied the words: “world famous milkshakes” on the menu and gleefully ordered one chocolate and one vanilla (oh, the hardships of research!). What came to the table was an astounding amount of cold, creamy, delicious, life affirming beverage. We ended up splitting the contents of the two frosty metal cups between three people and still had two big glasses of milkshake each! Out of the diners that we have visited so far the Esquire is the clear winner in the milkshake department, absolutely the best in HRM in taste and quantity (all yours for a reasonable $3.99). If these milkshakes are not truly”world famous” already, they should be.

They were equally generous with the food that we ordered. The club house took up the whole plate. My burger, with a thick and delicious hand-formed patty was a dizzying size (when I look at the picture I cannot believe that I finished the whole thing!). The hot turkey sandwich was a tower of hot meat, thick bread and gravy with a topping of peas. The bowl of corn chowder (heavy on the potatoes) came with an astonishingly huge roll and not one but three packets of butter. The fries that accompanied three of our four meals were directly out of the deep freeze, but everything else appeared to be made in-house with care. One of our group members commented that the coleslaw (also accompanied three of four meals) was especially tasty. The food was delicious. Our one regret? Between the milkshake and the main courses not one of us had room for a glorious looking slice of pie. We greatly admired a slice of lemon meringue that was delivered to the table next to ours (next time maybe we should stop in for just coffee and dessert).

The price? Most of our meals were around the $12 mark…but, they provided us with almost a liter of ice cream each! Also nice to note – the Esquire has a motel across the street – so if you eat too much you can get a room and sleep it off. It is worth the drive to Bedford.

Esquire exteriorHot Turkey TowerMilkshakeMonster BurgerCorn Chowder


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