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Mary’s Place

Mary’s Place – February 23, 2008

Yes, I’ve been meaning to write this visit up for almost two weeks. February 23rd was a Saturday. Ever since the Pyramid Cafe and Mollyz closed, Mary’s Place has been the weekend breakfast place in the North End. It is busy, busy! We had intended to visit Mary’s at the start of February, but found that there was not enough space to accommodate our group (6 people) and we weren’t prepared to wait in the cold. We timed this visit a bit later to avoid the peak breakfast/brunch rush. When we arrived the restaurant was full, but in a comfortable-thriving-business-kind-of-way.

The waitresses were friendly and kind (as we came through the door one of them was making a sandwich for a local fellow who was hungry and down on his luck). They had two cups of coffee poured for us within minutes of being seated. The coffee was nothing special but, the service was good.

Is Mary’s Place really a diner? This is up for debate. Mary’s has cozy booths, the menu is full of diner classics, there is even a chrome pie keeper…it feels like a diner….but, still I hesitate. It is a diner with a twist. The twist is the wide array of absolutely delicious Syrian specials on offer. At Mary’s you can get standard all day breakfast fare: two eggs (over hard), pan fries, toast. However, you can also add things like hummus or the most gorgeous falafel you ever tasted (small, rolled in sesame seeds). That’s what I did. Shannon skipped the classic breakfast all together and went for a completely Middle Eastern plate. There was a bit of confusion about exactly which items were to be included in the selection (Shannon’s stuffed grape leaves were slow arriving). Overall, the food was tasty and satisfying. The price was reasonable. Our combined total was well under $20.

One of the best parts about our brunch at Mary’s was that on the way home we saw the ad for the Atlantic Dog Expo at the Halifax Forum. This turned out to be the best $2 that I have spent in Halifax all year (see picture of pug puppy below). Thanks Mary’s!

marys_interior.jpgMixed PlateAll Day BreakfastPug



  1. I used to walk by this place all the time, and always wondered…

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