Posted by: Amanda | January 18, 2008


Cousin’s (on Agricola)

Fans of Halifax diners will know that there are in fact two diners named Cousin’s in Halifax. I have not had the pleasure of visiting the one on Lady Hammond Road but the one on Agricola is only a few blocks from my apartment, so I wandered down there for breakfast last week. My immediate impression of Cousin’s was that it has typical diner decor, with a long counter, except it does not have booths. My friend and I decided to sit at the counter to get the full diner experience. Unfortunately, there was a TV on behind the counter, directly facing us, which I find quite distracting. I asked the waitress to turn it off and she turned the sound off for me. She also immediately gave us the daily paper when we arrived.

The Cousin’s menu is fairly standard, except that it contains some Greek dishes since the restaurant is owned by a nice, older Greek couple. I ordered 2 eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast, which was well-priced at less than $4. My friend ordered a Western omelette. We weren’t sure what “Western” meant, but he decided to take a chance. It ended up containing standard omelette ingredients, like ham and tomatoes. Our breakfasts were edible and filling but not great. The main word I would use to describe them is greasy, and my bacon tasted kind of funny. In fact, when I undressed hours later while getting ready for bed, I noticed that my clothes still smelled like greasy breakfast, so I guess the smell of grease permeated the air at Cousin’s, although I did not notice it when I was in there. I had to hang up my clothes for a day or two before the smell went away.

I will likely return to Cousin’s because it’s close by and has good service and atmosphere, plus I’m curious about the dinner menu and we still need some pictures for the blog, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for the food.



  1. Just had a breakfast at Cousin’s this morning. It was not very good at all. Everything was horribly greasey and arrived at the table rather cold. The coffee tasted like it had been sitting for a long, long time. Also, the price that was charged for the breakfast was more than what was posted on the board. The decor was interesting. It is a landmark diner, but I really cannot recommend this establishment. Maybe dinner is better?

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