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Starlite Diner (PEI) Roving Correspondent Report


This week’s installment is from a correspondent who recently paid a visit to a

Prince Edward Island diner:


The Starlite is at the intersection of Route 1A and Water St., it is the first
exit for Summerside. This diner has the great 50s curbside appeal including
giant ice cream cone and neon lights. As you walk in you are faced with a large
jukebox and two period gas pumps (unfortunately no pic). We were seated fairly
quickly at 1:30 it was still busy with the lunch crowd. We got the largest
table in the place, it seemed like a regular booth but for some reason the
table was really wide. Each table had a mini jukebox on which you could select
your songs, for a quarter each. We had a slight hiccup when our juke had some
different information then the big one and I didn’t get to hear “I want

The service was great and soon we had our orders. The burger with bacon looked
really good and the fries were fantastic. I had the grilled cheese which I
always think tastes better cooked on a grill that has been used to cook other
things (burgers, bacon etc). I also had a chocolate milkshake which was huge.
As you can see they chose to forgo a glass all together and just brought the
metal cup with a straw. On the table were the standard condiments but also a
sort of steak spice mixture which we saw people putting on their fries. We
tried it out and it was pretty awesome. I found it interesting that the diner
offered a choice of homemade or frozen fries, I mean who when in the land of
potatoes would choose frozen? The fries were amazing and next time we will
definitely have to try the PEI classic of “Fries with the Works.” Quebec
has the Poutine and PEI has Fries with the Works, it starts with a plate of
fries on top of which you add hamburger meat, peas, and onions and then smother
it all in gravy. Overall it was well worth the visit.

Juke BoxGrilled CheeseMilk ShakeStarlite Burger



  1. I think my mouth was watering as I looked at those photos…

  2. My first time going to the Island, and the Starlite Diner was the first place that we stopped to eat! I had the fries with the works, which was hamburger, onion, and gravy… and a strawberry milkshake. The food was good. The strawberry milkshake was even better! Our waitress was extremely nice. I’d definitely go back there.

  3. I was there recently with my boyfriend and it was not a good experience. I had been there last year and enjoyed it so maybe they have new management or staff or something… We were there for breakfast and the service was very poor – we didn’t get any coffee until after our food order was taken and we had to ask for cutlery. On top of this, the food was not very good. I will not go back.

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